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Exploration Products provides a variety of turn-key, redeployable camp facilities engineered specifically to efficiently match the logistical and environmental requirements of your project. We integrate the appropriate shelter technologies and equipment in order to create a choice of camp styles utilized by a wide group of end-users from Industries such as Mining, Oil, Commercial, Humanitarian and Research.

  • Fly Camps (lightweight, plug & play utilities, multi-purpose packaging) 
  • Temporary and semi-permanent Base Camps
  • Construction Camps (highly mobile for frequent moves)
  • Complexed Camps  (all, or most shelters are connected via corridors and vestibules) 
  • Hybrid Camps (a unique combination of fabric shelters and containers and/or modular buildings)



We represent a number of shelter manufactures, offering you the very best selection of:

  • Engineered fabric shelters
  • Container-based expandable shelters
  • Modified/upfitted ISO containers
  • Redeployable modular buildings


Every item utilized in our turn-key camp facilities is available to enhance your remote operation. Exploration Products provides equipment and systems that are not only portable, but uniquely redeployable by design. We can supply a full array of equipment that is modular by design for easy field installation by non-tradespersons. By providing systems that are mostly pre-assembled, and stored in packaging that serves secondary functions within the facility, these systems are quickly installed during set up, and then easily recovered and stored until the next deployment. Systems include:

  • Power Generation
  • Electrical management and distribution
  • Water service and distribution
  • Waste management and treatment 
  • Heating and/or Cooling systems


Exploration Products provides a broad selection of unique Field Gear in support of remote operations around the Globe. Products available include such items as:

  • Showers, Latrines and Hygiene systems 
  • Water and Fuel storage
  • Portable Food Service 
  • Solar and alternative power systems 
  • Unique Furnishings



Exploration Products supplies a range of custom manufactured specialty products to Industries outside of the traditional Camp markets. A sampling of these products include items such as

  • Industrial/Municipal Firefighter’s Rehab equipment
  • Atmospheric Water Generators
  • Custom Trailer or Chassis-based equipment
  • Air-flush waste systems
  • All-diesel Appliances
  • Shelter Flooring systems
  • Unique Accessories for Shelters 

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